Nov 05 2013

About PvP Live

PVP Live is dedicated to evolving the World of Warcraft player vs. player (pvp) community. Under development by gamers, our organization is not owned by a corporation seeking to maximize shareholder interest. Our team of gamers are creating this organization for the community and fellow gamers alike. Through our community site and tournament platform, PVP Live is summoning the core World of Warcraft community and kindling interaction among its members.

Community Site

PVP Live’s goal is to provide an all-inclusive site that allows every pvp’er access to the World of Warcraft community. Our team of passionate team is creating an epic site that will encompass all aspects of the game we all enjoy. With millions of players, navigating such a large population can be a challenge. Our site concept provides gamers with a tool to efficiently navigate the community and increase social interaction among gamers outside the game.

Currently under construction, the site is being built in multiple phases. As additional phases are rolled out, World of Warcraft fans can expect sophisticated forums, community and e-sports news, social networking, character optimization, guides, player matching, videos and much more. At, we are building a community nexus of skill, learning and camaraderie!


PVP Live is advancing World of Warcraft arenas as an e-sport through online tournaments and events via E-sports is a growing industry, both from an entertainment and professional sports perspective and PVP Live is on the cutting edge of those frontiers. Everyone loves the action within arenas, whether playing or spectating. This is why our team is organizing some of the games most anticipated arena tournaments.